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Consorzio Europeo Rievocazioni Storiche
Europäische Vereinigung historischer Gruppen
Union of European Historical Companies
Association Européenne d'Évocation Historique
Consorcio Europeo de Evocaciones Históricas
 On ARTE Channel

Everyday from 1st to 5th October at 7.oo PM on ARTE Channel - on sattelite in french or german (digital on Hot Bird or on Sky - channel 544 - analogic on ASTRA - Bouquets CANALSAT, TPS e ARD) : "Histoire du Look", series of documentaries dedicated to the evoltuion of fashion & costumes and directed by Philippe Allante with the participation of the Historical Groups of the CERS.
Monday 1st October: Elegance of the Romans
Tuesday 2nd October: Medieval Garments
Wednesday 3rd October: Wigs and precious laces: from XVI to XVIII Century
Thursday 4th October: Revolutions and Fashion
Friday 5th October: Twentieth Century: a new freedom
Info on: www.arte.tv




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