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Consorzio Europeo Rievocazioni Storiche
Europäische Vereinigung historischer Gruppen
Union of European Historical Companies
Association Européenne d'Évocation Historique
Consorcio Europeo de Evocaciones Históricas
 The CERS at the "Regata Storica" in Venice

On Sunday September 2nd, in the occasion of the “Regata Storica di Venezia”, Venezia & Venice Cultural Association in collaboration with the CERS Italia set up a special sitting area reserved to Italian and International Cultural Delegation.
The area was at Campo dell’Erberia of Rialto, next the Canal Grande. There, around 200 people joined together, watching the most important historical event in Venice, drinking a special Prosecco Wine offered by “Vini Vedova” of Valdobbiadene and having fun with the Historical Group “Serenisimo Tribunal de l’Inquisithion” of Venice (see the photo on the left), who entertained the audience with histories and legends of ancient Serenissima Republic.
The special “Regatta’s Day” opened at midday with the “Welcome Drink” and closed around 8.oo pm, after the “Champions’ Regatta” on “Gondolini” (a special, small Gondola for competition).
About the Regata Storica: Great and splendid Regattas have always been held on numerous occasioons in Venice, as the visit of a foreign prince, the election of a Doge or of a new Pope were the occasions on which the pomp and power of the Serenissima Republic were paraded before visitors’ eyes. The actual origin of the word "Regatta" has been lost.
Some writers believe is stems from the Latin word "auriga" (from which the term "gara" - race - also derives) while others consider it a trasformation of the word "remicata", which is in turn from "remus".
The second theory is that in which the word "riga" (line) is seen as "remus". The third and most accepted theory is that in which the word "riga" (line) is seen as the origin, from the position of the boats at the start of the race.
In the photo: (from the right) the President of the CERS Massimo Andreoli, his wife Petra Schaefer, the chairman of the CERS in Austria Peter Zimmermann, his wife Roswitha Heindl.



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