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Consorzio Europeo Rievocazioni Storiche
Europäische Vereinigung historischer Gruppen
Union of European Historical Companies
Association Européenne d'Évocation Historique
Consorcio Europeo de Evocaciones Históricas
 A very Interesting Association

The Medieval Combat Society is a society made up from members of all ages and all walks of life.
It recreates the era of probably one of the greatest Kings of England, that of Edward III the Plantagenet King of England. It was during his reign that the basis of the English system of living really came into being.
Great events happened during the fourteenth century, not the least of which such great battles as Crecy (where the English system of Archery proved so effective against the might of the French Aristocracy) and Sluys (where the English inventiveness at Sea proved a unique, at that time, use of naval warfare). It was also, though, a period of much change, The Black Death, the invention of the Spinning Jenny and Education as we know it to this day. It was also a time of the rise of the merchants to form a class of the population that formed a wedge between the prevailing system of Nobles (born to the right to rule) and the Peasants (a much maligned class of workers finally driven to revolt in the later part of the century during the time of Wat Tyler.
The Medieval Combat Society recreates a period of much colour and charm by staging Tournaments in the style of the time in the presence of the King Edward III, or a Local Baron or Earl. These were occasions of much merriment and generally enjoyed by the whole polulation of the time. The Inter-Medieval, although having its Headquarters in Portugal, has National Delegations in several countries.
At the moment, it has National Delegations in Italy, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom (England and Wales) and the USA, all of them run by Medieval Re-enactment Societies of the same countries.
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