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Consorzio Europeo Rievocazioni Storiche
Europäische Vereinigung historischer Gruppen
Union of European Historical Companies
Association Européenne d'Évocation Historique
Consorcio Europeo de Evocaciones Históricas
 The Test Bench

In this section You'll can find, tested by a CERS' commission, test and reviews about historical handcrfats.
In this way we try to offer a fine instrument to all the re-enactors.
For further informations or descrictions, don't hesitate to CONTACT US ! One of our "chairmen" will answer to You.

At the moment these are the links to some good historical handcrafts and makers :
Arma Bohemia (CZ)
Atelier Pietro Longhi (I)
Banfi (I)
Carbone Historical Clothes (D)
Cenni Alessio (I)
Costumes (GB)
Davide Pedersoli (I)
Del Tin (I)
Die Flickschusterey (D)
English Armourie (GB)
Flagella Dei (HU)
Gaukler Medieval Wares (GB)
Il Bivacco di Giampaolo Mezzani (GB)
Ironwalter (I)
KK-art (CZ)
La Bottega dell’Armaiolo (I)
Lutel (CZ)
Marquise (D)
Medieval Reproduction (CANADA)
Memorys Garden (D)
Milieux (USA)
Millennium Fabri Armorum (I)
Past Tents (GB)
Pewter Replicas (GB)
Plantagenetshoes (GB)
Reine des Centfeuilles (D)
Replik (D)
Sally Green Historical Costume (GB)
Sartore (I)
White Rose Armoury (GB)




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