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Consorzio Europeo Rievocazioni Storiche
Europäische Vereinigung historischer Gruppen
Union of European Historical Companies
Association Européenne d'Évocation Historique
Consorcio Europeo de Evocaciones Históricas

A "Welcome message" to all the people who visit this website for the first time by the President, Dr. Massimo Andreoli. (Go!)
Clothes and equipments
This section presents some interesting articles and suggestions about how to realize historicla Clothes and equipments>>>

Talking about...
In this section we talk about many differents matters, as historical groups, magazines, personalities, studies...Everything is Living History and Re-enactments. >>>

The Test Bench
In this section we check arms, armors, dress and more...For Re-enactments' Societies >>>

On Arte Channel
October 2007: the historical groups of the Cers as guests on a series of documentary about the evolution of fashion and costumes
The CERS at the Regata Storica
A special day at the most important historical fest in Venice
The Original Re-enactors market
On 9th - 10th - 11th November 2007 The Original Re-enactors' Market at Sports Connexion, Ryton on Dunsmore, Coventry, Warwickshire
R.A.C.E. in Jerash, Jordan
During 2007, a wonderful roman event in Jordan
International Assembly of the CERS
Report of the Assembly at the Castle of Grandson (Switzerland) On 19th August 2006


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