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Armi e bagagli 2017
“Armi & Bagagli”, the largest international market of Historical Re-enactment in Italy, will be back to Piacenza Expo on 18 and 19 March 2017, for the 13th edition. A “must” for historical re-enactors looking for special accessories to enrich their equipment, or for event managers who want raising the quality of their events, or for enthusiasts of all kinds! From handcrafts for historical re-enactment, to historical entertainment various and exciting are the moments that the largest market in Europe will propose to its visitors. Over 300 exhibitors will be coming from Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Hungary, divided into three pavilions: "Armi & Bagagli", "Expo Arc", "Piacenza Miitaria".

The official celebrations of the 73rd anniversary of the Allied landings at Anzio and Nettuno will be held 12th to 22th January 2017.
In particular, on Saturday 21st and Sunday 23rd January there will be the thirteenth edition of "The Price of Freedom", a motorbike and re-enactment historical meeting organized by the Highway Six Club of Rome.
The event may attend military and civil historical vehicles and historical re-enactors in uniform.

For further information on participation (possibly by January 15):

Sunday, February 26, 2017 - 18:00
At the conference hall of Ettore Pomarici Santomasi Foundation Museum
Via Museo, 20 - Gravina in Puglia (BA)

Will be held the ceremony (by nundinae Study Centre) an attestation of merit:

"Meritorious of 'Ethics and Virtues of Chivalry"

The nundinae Study Centre is an association linked mainly to the historical medieval period, the period by definition tied to the cavalry and the heroic deeds of men and women of the period, who with their courage in many cases have changed the course of history; so in this area, apply the realization of the event in question, reworked and re-elected in the present day.

Also this year the CERS – will coordinate all the historical parades and displays within the official open ceremony of the Carnival of Venice 2017.
Saturday 18th February, the historical groups of the CERS will attend the “Festa delle Marie”, which evokes the homage that the Venetian Doge offered every year to twelve beautiful but humble venetian girls, offering them magnificent jewels as a bridal dowry.
Sunday 19th February, they’ll attend the “Volo dell’Angelo” (Angel’s Flight) ceremony, following the Doge and his court during e big parade in St Mark’s Square, waiting for one of the most ancient custom of venetian Carnival.

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